GeoCoda Steps Up to Take On SimpleGeo Clients and other LBS News

Geocoda is launching to provide a replacement to the SimpleGeo service, which is being terminated on March 30, 2012. Geocoda aims to provide many of the services previously offered by SimpleGeo, with a simple migration path.

For now you can just sign up for info; the services are not yet ready.

- GeoCoda

With today's announcement, Preserve is launching a free iPhone app that allows anyone to find the nearest #5 collection area to drop off their plastics, and earn Recyclebank points for their earth efforts.

I'm glad my city does recycle #5 plastic. I'd hate to have to separate it out and drop it separately. On the other hand, we continue to add to the number of unique "find the nearest" sort of tools.

- press release

Stats NZ received anonymized data on the movements of mobile phones that were active in Christchurch city in the run up to February 22. By tracking the location of the unique IDs linked to where voice calls and text messages were sent, researchers were then able to pinpoint where these people went in the wake of the quake, how far from the city they travelled – and when they came back.

An undisclosed number of mobile phone users were tracked ...

and some patterns discovered. It's not clear how this information can help with future emergency planning, but collecting it is a start.

- National Business Review

Published Monday, March 5th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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