Geogad Mobile Tours

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Geogad Mobile Tours change your MP3 player into your personal mobile tour guide with voice narration and pictures. It is your personal tour guide to the most interesting places in the world. Geogad Mobile Tours include spoken directions and maps. Finding the next tour location is as easy as glancing at the screen of your mobile device and listening to the spoken directions. Georgi Dagnall, Technical Sales and Marketing Manager of Geogad, presents a Web 2.0 interface which enables travel-minded users to create their own vacation tours (never again will you be a slave to guide books and bad recommendations from friends of friends). On, you can download, stream or create custom personalized walking tours, and view video and audio slide shows of popular travel cities. During the presentation Georgi shares her extensive research on marketing to the travel industry and the travel industry market. The website has all the tags, ratings features and integrated capabilities you might need for a complete user experience. The tours can be downloaded from the Internet as a zip file on to your hard drive and then uploaded on to your favorite mobile device in a JPEG, MP3 or MP4 format. Georgi hints at future profit-sharing possibilities between local tours guides and Geogad and extended social networking integration. The presentation was recorded at Google headquarters on August 19, 2008, and lasts for approximately 14 minutes. (By: Back Five Productions and Endpoint Environmental LLC, Producers of the Web 2.0 Mapping and Social Networks Meetup Group.)

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