GeoMedia Smart Client: Java-based rich client for geospatial data editing #hex11

One of the key product introductions at the Hexagon 2011 conference by Intergraph this year was GeoMedia Smart Client. This is a rebranding of a product Intergraph acquired in 2007 from GISquadrat AG that was sold in Germany under the name "Respublica". The technology is a very thin or rich client product that is customizable to specific geospatial workflows. While the functionality allows users to edit and post geospatial data, the architecture is such that only certain functions have to be exposed to the user. How hard is it to customize? If you are comfortable with XML, it's easy.


The other key feature of Smart Client is that it will cache data for fast redraw. No longer does a request to the database need a complete screen refresh. According to Intergraph, the product can cache data on the server or client side resulting in a huge performance boost.


[Disclosure: Travel for this trip was supported by Hexagon]

Published Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Written by Joe Francica

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