Geospatial Companies Poised To Hire In “Jobless” Recovery

By Richard Serby

Sometimes the numbers just don't make sense. The unemployment rate is down to 5.7% across the U.S.. But, there were 310,000 people who are not reported as unemployed because they are no longer collecting unemployment benefits. They just gave up looking for a job. This is supposed to mean that we are experiencing a "jobless" economic recovery. We think the "jobs" trigger has not yet been pulled.

As we gather data for our 2003 Salary Survey it gives us an opportunity to talk to many owners and managers about their hiring plans. We hear things like "'s been slow but we are planning on hiring more people this year." And, "...we know that there is a lag on spending money that has been earmarked for projects. We are just waiting for the green light." One manager told me "'s been flat for three years but we are planning for one of our best years ever in 2004." We don't believe that this is just wishful thinking. We believe that these signs of optimism are based on solid facts.

Our job postings have increased 100% since the same time last year. Inquiries from companies and public agencies asking about recruitment services for anticipated hiring has increased by at least 30% in the past 4-6 weeks!

Something is in the air. We know that the billions allocated for defense spending has not yet been disbursed. There are still many prime and subcontractors waiting for the other shoe to fall. Once it does the floodgates will open and jobs will be plentiful for those who have the right skills and experience. The ability to obtain security clearances will be more important than ever in 2004. Regardless of your political bent this is good news for U.S.citizens who have seen jobs shipped overseas by the hundreds of thousands the past three years. This may also be good news for our overseas partners who will be able bid on work that does not require defense department clearances.

You don't suppose that our leaders would time the release of funds because of the November elections, do you? Probably just a coincidence...if it happens.

Published Friday, January 23rd, 2004

Written by Richard Serby

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