Getting Faculty and Funding into University Libraries and other Education GIS News

How can you bring both funding and faculty into university libraries? The cheif librarian at George Washington University says perhaps with a GIS lab among other things.

[Head librarian Geneva] Henry has said she wants to bring more faculty research back into the library by adding labs, such as GIS, and new equipment that will appeal to professors across disciplines.

“Donors will be willing to pay for these kinds of programming aspects,” she said. “Well, to do the programming that means we need to renovate the space.”

Gene Trobia, who was Arizona State Cartographer for the last 17 years, is joining the University of Arizona to help establish and head the Center for Geospatial Innovation, Science and Technology (GIST).
Gene's a cool guy; I know him from NSGIC.
Del Mar College coordinators for the Computer Science / Geographic Information Science/ Information Technology fast track program graduated their first 17 students in December. They’re now ready to assist more individuals seeking employment in four areas, including Cybersecurity, Geospatial Technology, Programming and Networking and Data Communications, by offering the courses, again, now through August.
Image courtesy Del Mar College.

Published Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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