Update 2: Gettysburg Electric Map Up for Auction

Scott Roland, the Hanover businessman leading a push to revitalize downtown, said Friday night he won the Electric Map at auction for $14,010, the final bid price listed online.

Roland, who owns Blue Ridge Holdings and in May purchased the old Wachovia Bank building on Carlisle Street, acknowledged earlier in the week he planned to bid on the map. The map was purchased in the name of Blue Ridge Holdings, he said.

Roland said Friday night he will house the former Gettysburg visitor center piece in the old bank building, part of an ongoing project to create a heritage and conference center in Hanover.

That's awesome! I look forward to visiting the map once it's settled in its new home.

Hanover Sun

--- update 9/14/12 ---

Bidding ends today at 6 pm ET. High bid: $10.

- Penn Live

--- original post 9/10/12 ---

APB has been covering the Gettysburg Wlectric Map for many years (coverage). Now comes news the flashing light map of the Battle of Gettysburg.(Pennsylvania) is up for auction. The General Services Administration is auctioning it off on behalf of the National Park Service, after an outcry after a plan to destroy it. It is federal property since the park for which it was built is a national park. The auction began last week and while the map may go for a small sum, refurbing it due to the asbestos within may cost $100,000. As of Sunday night (the auction ends Friday), there are no bids.

- Auction page - start at GSA auction page and search for "electric map"

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Published Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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