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Danielle Feoranzo, a student at Westwood Regional High School in the Township of Washington, recently earned her Girl Scout Gold Award by painting a map of the United States on the playground at the Jessie F. George Elementary School. 

I've read lots of stories about maps being painted on playgrounds. What I like about this one is explained by the school pricipal:

"She facilitated a lesson for our fourth grade students that focused on the United States. Using the map, the students were able to move about the country while showcasing the content knowledge. It was a great experience for our students and a gift from Danielle that will last for many years to come."


A Clarkson University research team, led by Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering Professors Pier Marzocca, Suresh Dhaniyala and Lin Tian, is readying its unmanned aerial vehicle, the Clarkson RAVEN (Research Aerial Vehicle for Experimental Needs), to acquire wind turbulence data.

- press release

The University of Redlands is pleased to announce the third cohort of faculty LENS (LEarNing Spatially) Fellows. Led by Dr. Diana Sinton, director of Spatial Curriculum and Research, LENS is a campus-wide initiative that promotes spatial literacy as a foundational component in curriculum, programs, and research. In the coming year, the LENS Fellows will work on curricular ideas around the theme of “Mapping Communities.”

The four university faculty members from different departments will participate in a summer institute on campus.

- press release

Fort Lee plans to become the first school system in the nation to use the MapEverywhere software, which provides detailed campus floor plans to emergency responders via a smart phone application that does not rely on Internet or Wi-Fi connections, officials said.

Maps of each school and information about explosive chemicals and potentially dangerous electrical wirings will be available on an application that police and other authorized personnel can upload during a hostage, fire or other crisis.

I don't like the idea that it must be downloaded WHEN an incident is found. Cost: $495/month.


Some advice from Brian Timoney to stduents:

PSA for GIS grads: the industry is already full-up with folks with no Python, no Javascript & marginal database skills
and here's one anwer to the next question
We're opening oportunities for MSc thesis students, internships and volunteers to participate in Charles Darwin Foundation Research Projects in the Galapagos Islands. We are looking for dynamic and high-skilled persons who would like to join an interdsiciplinary team to build up a GIS platform for our knowledge management system to support conservation and sustainability in Galapagos. Please consider to forward this opportunity to your contacts 

More Information:
Many expenses are covered by the interns, just so you know.
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Published Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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