GIS Developer/API Tidbits

Starting today you can bring that perspective to your [Google] Maps API applications with the launch of 45° imagery in select cities around the world. 45° imagery offers a superior perspective of city skylines than an overhead view.

- Google Developers Blog

The Bing Maps Team posted "several very technical docs to the Multimap Web Service Upgrade portal that address common issues. These documents walk through how things were done in Multimap, and then discuss how to do the same thing with Bing Maps – with LOTS of tested code samples." Yes, Multimap is going away.

- Bing Maps Blog

Earlier this moth Ushahidi released the new, promised check-in tools for the platform, so you can build your own "Foursquare." I'm cited RWW since each time I visit the blog post that discusses it both my browsers crash (Safari and Firefix).


Published Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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