GIS Education News Weekly: American Sentinel Partners, Hackathon, Auto Theft Research

American Sentinel Partners with Denver

American Sentinel University, an accredited online university that offers degree programs focused on the needs of high-growth careers, has been named an approved education provider for the City and County of Denvers [sic] City Employee University.

The university offers online GIS degrees. It's not clear if the city/county will use this new relationship to educate employees in that area.

Cost of Educating NJ Students Geography

It costs between $8,400 and nearly $100,000 per student to educate and operate New Jersey's school districts and charter schools, according to new data from the state Department of Education.

And yes, there's a map.

Esri Celebrates Kids at Alameda Hackation

Esri was a sponsor (gave away $1000) in the Alameda County Apps Challenge in Northern California during the first weekend in May. The country event drew about 200 people to hack its Open Data (Socrata portal, ArcGIS Online portal apparently created for the event). Esri's John Gravois and John Yoist were most excited about the "adorable kids."

Perhaps the most inspiring thing to take away from the weekend was the tremendous youth turnout. Of the 110 competitors, more than 50% were high school age or younger! I had an absolute blast working with the kids and am proud to report that of 22 final presentations, 8 different teams were able to implement Esri technology in their submissions.

I wonder what the students learned or what Gravois learned about mentoring them. How do we make GIS related hackathons part of an educational experience?

Students Map Logan, OH

Hocking College has partnered with the City of Logan Water Department, the Operator Training Committee of Ohio (OTCO) and the Logan office of Stantec to do mapping for the city.

OTCO provided training for the 10 Hocking College Logan Campus students to become GIS Data Technicians. Using Global Positioning Systems, GIS Data Technicians capture real-time global positioning points for use in GIS systems. After completion of this course, the students are competent in gathering global positions of various stationary points with for input into various GIS systems for water, wastewater, gas, electric and other infrastructure related areas.

What Drives Auto Theft?

University of Texas at Dallas researcher Dr. Yongwan Chun analyzed vehicle burglaries in Plano, Texas, and found factors associated with increased and decreased burglary rates. Ready for the results?

  • Vehicle burglaries increased when the home vacancy rate increased.
  • Vehicle burglaries decreased when the median home value increased.
  • Vehicle burglaries decreased when distance to the highway increased.
  • Vehicle burglaries increased with increased homeownership.

That last one was unexpected and needs further research.

Zook Helps Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky Become a Center for Research on Big Geosocial Media Data.

[Matthew] Zook and his team of researchers [at the University of Kentucky and elsewhere] believe they have only begun analyzing this concoction of people, places and cyberspace. Although only about 2 percent of the staggering amount of daily internet communications in the world today is actually fixed with a specific geographic location, it still leaves UK researchers 200 tweets each and every second to capture, store and analyze through the Digital Online Life and You (DOLLY) project. DOLLY is quickly establishing the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences as a key center for critical research on big geosocial media data.

Rutledge Geography Titles Free to Read for a Month

range of Routledge Geography titles are free to access for a month, ending May 31.

Main Street: Geography is important for all of us

This contributed local newspaper piece is a nice friendly reminder of what geography is and why its important and relevant to today's students. And, there's a pretty good quiz, too. And, here's another feel good geography story from Cal State Fullerton.

Washington College Summer Institute of Geo Tech

The Washington College Geographic Information Systems Lab in Chestertown, Maryland is conducting a Summer Institute of Geospatial Technology aimed at adult professionals looking to hone their skills August 4th through the 22nd.

Early birds (before July 3) receive a 20% discount. Course run for one or two days and cost between $100 and $600. Available workshops include:

     ArcGIS Online
     Crime Analysis with ArcGIS
     Digitizing in ArcGIS
     Introduction to GIS
     Intermediate ArcGIS
     Python Scripting
     Underwater Mapping
     Unity Game Engine


Published Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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