GIS Education News Weekly: Clapper at UGA, QGIS Tutorial, Online Spanish GIS Courses

Teaching and Learning Tools

MangoMap Offers QGIS Tutorial

MangoMap is online mapping solution so I think the newly announced series of tutorial videos for QGIS is just a marketing/lead collection effort (like the company's book). The first one is up and a new one is to be released each week. The first module is five minutes:

In this module we introduce the QGIS project itself, as well as explaining the user interface.

After completing this section, you will be able to correctly identify the main elements of the screen in QGIS and know what each of them does, and load a shapefile into QGIS.

Boundless QGIS Tutorial

Not to be outdone, Boundless offers a mini-tutorial based on San Francisco's open bikeshare data.

Developing Project-based Learning Modules with ArcGIS Online

That's what I think I'd call this asynchronous, professional development focused online course.

Developing Project Based Instructional Units Utilizing ArcGIS Online

a.k.a. Examining Your Environment through the Power of Data (EYEPOD) Advanced Online:  

About this Course

This 40 hour course is designed for educators who are familiar with and who have taught with ArcGIS. Note that this course is not designed for those whose primary goal is to teach GIS skills. Rather, it is designed for instructors of other disciplines who would like to add a geospatial perspective, project based instructional techniques, and the "power of data" to their existing courses. Although you will learn some ArcGIS online skills, the main focus for this course is pedagogy, or how to teach to improve student learning outcomes. Much of the course focuses on secondary educators, but it is adaptable to post-secondary educators as well. 

It was funded by NSF and used ArcGIS Online beta so some of it is likely dated. The videos (three) are about an hour each. The only date I could find was 2013. It's by Rubino-Hare, L., Manone, M.,Sample, J.,& Clark, J.

All SpatialLabs Now Freely Available Under CC License
Per Esri's Michael Gould, as of April 7 all of the SpatiaLabs teaching exercises are freely available to use modify and share (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)). Has anyone taken advantage of the previous Labs under this licensing? 
Spatial Statistics with Geographic Information Systems
Dave Unwin teaches a four week online course titled Spatial Statistics with Geographic Information Systems twice a year. It uses open source and public domain software (GeoDA, CrimeStat) and is not affiliated with a univeristy. It's part of The Institute for Statistics Education and costs about $600. I had to look up who Unwin was; I knew I'd heard his name and saw his on lots of books at Penn State. He's retired from Birbeck College.
HexGeoWiki Launched

HexGeoWiki is an open, collaborative resource for the entire geospatial community. It is designed to be a reference for advanced research as well as a site that helps new users learn the concepts and theories that drive geospatial analysis, photogrammetry, and image processing. 

Your input in this endeavor is critical: we need your expertise to ensure that this resource is as complete and accurate as possible. If you have geospatial, photogrammetric, or image processing information to share, we invite you to create an account and begin editing or creating pages. 

Hexagon launched it on April 3.

Mapping Recent Events
I saw some interesting media maps addressing the recent mudslide and the shooting at Fort Hood. These could be great conversation starters for students about maps, cartography, ethics and other topics.

Online Spanish GIS Courses

MundoGEO, the Latin American leader in integrated solutions for media and communication for the geospatial and location industries, is pleased to officially announce to all the Spanish-speaker community two online courses in Spanish:Introduction to Geographic Information Systems – Practice with ArcGIS, and Introduction to Geographic Information Systems – Practice with Quantum GIS. These two new trainings are part of MundoGEO geospatial e-learning platform (

Each course is 8 hours of content and costs US$125.

University of Iowa Quick Tasks Sheets for ArcGIS Processes

The University of Iowa Extension offers a series of Quick Tasks sheets that outline common tasks in ArcGIS

Quick Task Sheets (QTS) - One page recipes for completing common GIS Tasks.

OER Open Webbing Mapping Course 

Per Anthony Robinson at Penn State the all-new Open Web Mapping course content, written by Sterling Quinn, is now available online as an open educational resource. That is, it's under a license that allows other educators to use the content.‏ Please use it; that's why Penn State and other organizations work so hard to share the content. The course itself will be offered this summer.

Internships, Scholarships and Contests

High School Grad GIS Interns Wanted

City of Perryville [MO] Public Works Director Mark Brown announced last week that Perryville Public Works is looking for two summer interns to help verify and update the City’s GIS mapping system and complete related tasks for the city’s building department. 

They are looking for "kids," aka high school graduates planning on college. No information about salary if any. Perhaps it's best not call these potential interns "kids?"
GIS Student Wins Udall Scholarship

Emery Three Irons from the Crow Indian Reservation was honored in the Tribal Public Policy category of the Udall Scholarship. He's a student at Montana State.

Three Irons, who is a member of the Apsaalooke Nation, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in geospatial and environmental analysis from MSU’s College of Agriculture. He is initiating a project to use geographic information systems, or GIS, mapping technology to chart where on the Crow Indian Reservation tribal members continue to show fluency in their native language. In addition to his language project, which is affiliated with a statewide effort to help Montana tribes preserve their linguistic heritage, Three Irons also will be working on assignments to clarify Crow political districts, subdivisions, historic sites and infrastructure.
Selkirk Student to Use GIS as Part of World Food Programme Internship
On April 12, [Selkirk GIS Advanced Diploma student Amanda] Winter will leave Canada to begin a four-month internship with the World Food Programme where she will have the opportunity to apply skills acquired over the last eight months at the Castlegar Campus.

Singapore GeoSpatial Challenge

The Singapore Geospatial Challenge (SGC) is an initiative of the Singapore Land Authority to encourage the use of Geographic Information Science & Technology in schools.
At the inaugural SGC last year, we worked with the National Heritage Board (NHB), National Parks Board (NParks) and the Preservation of Monuments Board (PMB) to educate Singapore's youth on Singapore's historical and green heritage. More than 350 students from close to 40 Junior College and Secondary Schools participated in a scavenger hunt around the civic district and used a mobile geospatial application to to "check-in" at various locations to gain points.

For SGC 2014, we are working with communities who will issue "Community Challenges" to the participants, which will include students from universities, polytechnics, Institutes of Higher Education, and junior colleges. Through the SGC, participants will connect with and better understand the community, create geospatial applications and analysis that are directly beneficial to and customised for the community, and celebrate the new bonds made and new knowledge gained.

There are divisions for secondary and college students with monetary prizes. All the details are here. Registration opens in April and final projects are due in July.

Google Funds for GeoEd
Google's GeoEDU Outreach program is excited to announce the opening of the second round of our Geo Education Awards, aimed at supporting qualifying educational institutions who are creating content and curricula for their mapping, remote sensing, or GIS initiatives.

If you are an educator in these areas, we encourage you to apply for an award
Learn about the projects that won last year as inspiration. Award run from $3,000 to $20,000. Applications are due April 15.
GEO Appathon 
Winners get cash prizes and GEO endorsement.
The GEO Appathon is a global App development competition open to any non-commercial individual, team or entity (students, scientists and developers) with a passion for unleashing the power of Earth Observations (EO) to allow us all to make smarter decisions about the planet.
The GEO Appathon 2014 starts Wednesday, 7 May 2014, 12 pm (CET) and ends Friday, August 31 2014.
What do you do?
Using the GEOSS data interface, discover, research and apply any and all types of Earth observation data to unleash the amazing potential of EO data in the form of an App.
GISCI Map Contest Deadline Extended.
It's now April 15.
Geospatial Technology Skills Contest Deadline April 15
Also extended to April 15. NVCC says the pool is small, so I guess the extenion is due to lack of participation.


Study: Video Game Map Use Improves Spatial Ability
In a study that was carried out at Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany, a number of women played Super Mario 64 for two months and saw their map-reading skills improve, not to mention ending up with additional grey matter.
Most of the participants had not played video games and most were women. Still, the research is promising.

Hotspots for Baseball in Pennsylvania

With the long-standing notion of Western Pennsylvania as a “cradle” for football quarterbacks, a local professor wants to know if there's a similar geographic incubator for baseball pitchers or outfielders.

As a newly appointed executive board member of the Society of North American Historians and Researchers, California University of Pennsylvania professor Tom Mueller will investigate to see if a trend emerges.

Mueller also teaches GIS.

Mueller helps students create “real-world projects” by teaching them to plot maps in computer program ArcGIS.

GIS Program News

Changes in Names at Asheville-Buncombe Tech Community College

The Engineering and Applied Technology Division at A-B Tech Community College [NC] announced that Civil Engineering Technology and Geomatics Technology programs will be offered this fall. Both programs have been enhanced based on input from area employers.

Geomatics, formerly known as Surveying Technology, has an added geographic information system (GIS) component and more emphasis on sustainability in impact and design.

Employment opportunities look good for graduates.

Woolpert Taps Community College IT Resources

Sinclair Community College has announced a joint tech venture with Woolpert Inc. and an open house and transfer fair with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. ...Under the new partnership, Sinclair will allow Dayton-based Woolpert to use some of its data analytics software. The school has $28 million in IT assets and an $8 million annual IT budget, much of it tied to a 400-server farm with 218 terabytes of storage capacity...

New Online GIS Masters at Tennessee State

Tennessee State University will offer an online master’s degree in applied geospatial information systems starting this fall. Per the press release, there is no thesis, but 300 internship hours are required.

Cal Fullerton Tree Map - and Maps of Student Progress.

Online visitors to Cal State Fullerton’s Geographic Information System Research Center website will find an interactive campus map filled with icons for every one of CSUF’s 2,333 trees.

Cool, but the article by president Mildred Garcia is about a real time database of student progress to help increase graduation rates. I love that some one made that connection and that the university president knows what's going on in GIS!

Badges Conferred by Elmhurst "Skills for the Digital Earth" MOOC

Students have claimed more than 500 badges as we go to press. Elmhurst College is using the Credly platform.

Events of Note

Clapper at UGA

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper will deliver the University of Georgia Charter Lecture on April 14 at 11:15 a.m. in the UGA Chapel.
GIS Day at Community College
Friday's speakers at GIS Day at Lehigh Carbon Community College's main campus in North Whitehall Township include an alum of the GIS program, a rep from census and one from Esri.

Professional Development

Missouri AP Human Geography Teacher Heading to South Korea
Central High School teacher Andy Tilmon will get a firsthand look at geopolitics when he travels to Seoul, South Korea, in June.
That's thanks in part to his state geography alliance. Get active in your alliance and see what happens!

Published Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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