GIS Education News Weekly: Esri Ed GIS Conference, STEM at the Water District, Map of School Assaults

Esri Education GIS Conference

Many educators are heading toward San Diego in the next few days for the Esri Education GIS Conference which begins Saturday. Sadly, Esri scatters announcements across Facebook, its HigherEd list serve and other social media, so here are some events and resources to be aware of before and during the conference:

The Esri UC Q&A has a very short (and not too helpful) section on education. I dug some points of interest out of the entire document.

The wiki on using ArcGIS Online in education is online. I wrote about it on APB last week.

An article in ArcNews about the Esri MOOC is finally online. And, the MOOC itself is now on Twitter.

The self-organized sessions are on Tuesday afternoon. I'm thinking of leading one titled "The 10 things Esri could do to make my teaching better."

The Ed GIS conference is on Facebook and Twitter or search #esrieduc.

The plenaries are Sat, Sun and Tuesday mornings. Is that too many plenaries?

Directions Magazine will have some exclusive education content from EdUC beginning on Saturday.

Come by the Directions Magazine booth at the EdUC Solutions Expo. We're making a video that involves a bit of a quiz and a chance to win free Starbucks goodies. We'll have the camera rolling 4:30-6:00 on Saturday.

American Sentinel University is hosting a gathering for students, alums and friends on Friday night.

My paper, How to Craft the Story of Your Successful GIS Program or Event, is on Sunday at 3:15 in the Catalina Room. As usual, there will be minimal PowerPoint and maximal participation. It'll be fun; we're going to "update" some existing published stories about GIS education.

If you've got EdUC or other GIS education news, please contact me!

STEM at the Water District

Seven high schooler in Florida explored STEM careers including GIS by hanging out at the local water district for a bit of their summer vacation.

For the second year in a row the Suwannee River Water Management District hosted the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) students and teachers from Trenton and Madison High Schools for eight days of first hand experiences of the typical work of engineers, scientists and administrators

Map of School Sexual Assaults

The Fembot Collective shares a Google Map of colleges and universities with investigated and uninvestigated sexual assaults. The legend lists the 227 schools in a picklist and there is no link to the source data apparently from U.S. News and World Report. I wish this was a better map; this is an important topic to understand.

Published Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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