GIS Government News Weekly: Bike Helmets in Dallas, Australian Consortium to Close

Mapping Bike Helmet Fines

There's a bike helmet law in Dallas, but the Dallas News learned it's not enforced uniformly.

Working with Esri, a California-based mapping software company, The News overlaid the citation and arrest locations with maps that show poverty levels, minority populations and the city’s crime “hot spots” as defined by police.

The author did share the map and some conclusions.

Nearly 40 percent of all helmet citations were handed out in the central business district bounded by Interstates 30, 35E, 345 and Woodall Rodgers Freeway.

A quarter of the 339 citations were issued by one officer, Ceaphus Gordon, who patrols downtown. Gordon couldn’t be reached for comment.

There were no arrests downtown as a result of officers pulling cyclists over for not wearing helmets.

Broadband in Australia

There's an interactive map showing pre-build sites for the National Broadband Network across Australia. It says quite a bit about the population geography of the country!

How a Local Paper Reports that County Workers will Attend Esri UC

• Travel: Raffaele Casale, assistant chief assessor, and Jason Theakston, planning commission land-use planner, will attend a geographic information systems seminar sponsored by Esri maps in San Diego, Calif., in July. The recorder of deeds’ record improvement fund will cover the costs, estimated at $3,000.
They are from Washington County, PA.
Australian Regional GIS Consortium to Close

The 13 year old non-profit South-East Resource Information Centre (SERIC) will close at the end of the month as requests to members for some $50K were not answered. The center offers mapping services in the region including those for local road projects and forestry fires. Based in Mount Gambler, SA, it serves "the Green Triangle, the part of south eastern Australia that takes in the south east of South Australia and south west Victoria."

The original four partners have dropped out and many local councils now have their own GIS expertise. I guess it's a sign of the times.

Published Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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