GIS Government News Weekly: Clearfield County Viewer, Queensland Saves, Meth Labs in Indiana

Flash GIS Website for Clearfield County

Clearfield County, PA has a new public, Flash-based GIS viewer. You need Flash 11.

The county’s GIS office collaborated with the assessment office and IT department to develop the online map viewer application. It allows users to search many county dataset layers, including physical addresses; tax parcel information; flood zones; and emergency services, post office, school and government building locations; municipal boundaries; and voting precinct boundaries and locations.

Some observations/suggestions:

  • Why does the "About" link go the about the Flex Viewer part of the Esri docs? That is not what I expected.
  • The tool icons are very small and hard to decipher. The medial logo to me (for Emergency Services) looks like a flower.
  • The app is very slow to load; perhaps too many layers are loaded by default. I'm thinking particularly of imagery.

Queensland Saving Money by using GIS for Flood Control

The Queensland State Government saved over A$99 million (US$94 million) in the largest Australian mapping project to mitigate flood by using an innovative geographic information system (GIS). The project’s success has caught the attention of the United Nations.

Saginaw State Students Help Tackle Crime

After mapping the location of every shooting and homicide in Saginaw (MI) from 2005 to 2013 and statistically analyzing the data, the team [of faculty and students from Saginaw State] reported findings to the Saginaw Police Department and the Saginaw Crime Prevention Council. 

The effort has turned into a long term project for students and faculty at the University.


Mapping Meth Labs in Indiana

The Indiana State Police (ISP) have known it for years and collected the data -- and now they’re sharing that data in an online map that shows thousands of red pins blanketing the state, 9,262 to be exact.

Visitors to the map, which launched June 24, can see where police found methamphetamine labs and dump sites, filtered by year -- or all years going back to 2007.

Zoning Errors: Illegal Action by Judges or Cumulative GIS Error

This is an interesting case out of McCracken County, KY.

McCracken County Judge Executive Van Newberry and Deputy Judge Doug Harnice will head to trial after rejecting a plea deal over allegations the two illegally changed zoning maps.

 Harnice told the local public radio station WKMS that the map changes between 2007 and 2008 are the result of minor computer errors

Alaska State Geospatial Council Ok'd

Governor Sean Parnell has signed a Memorandum of Agreement establishing the Alaska Geospatial Council (AGC) and charging it with coordinating efforts involving geospatial data collection and mapping by government agencies.

An ad-hoc group had been attempting this coordination; good to know it's now official.

Where is the Wisconsin Delegation?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the answer via an interactive map built on Leaflet and OpenStreetMap.

Open Source Geo Built for Greece Heads Around the World

GET SDI Portal, a platform for viewing, analyzing and editing geospatial information that was originally developed for Greece's energy regulator, is increasingly being used by both public administrations and companies. Its open source license is spurring its re-use in Greece, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Ghana and Nepal...

NSW Infrastructure Projects Mapped

The New South Wales (NSW) government has launched an online interactive map of all major infrastructure investments and projects across the state that were set out in the latest 2014-15 Budget.

There are 651 of them. The map data is from OpenStreetMap but I'm not sure of the tech. My guess is open source.

Rio Tapping Crowdsourced Data for Traffic Management

Rio is the first city in the world to collect real-time data both from drivers who use the Waze navigation app and pedestrians who use the public-transportation app Moovit, giving it an unprecedented view on thousands of moving points across the sprawling city. Rio is also talking to the popular cycling app Strava to start monitoring how cyclists are moving around the city too.

Austin Stray Pet Map

Owners can track down lost pets more easily thanks to a new interactive stray map launched July 3 by the Austin Animal Center.

Powered by Socrata.

Australian Stats on a Map

The ‘Data by Region’ map, developed by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), allows users to search and browse data using a map interface, instead of sifting through tables of data.

Note on map page: "For an optimal viewing experience, please use a modern internet browser."

NYC Bills Could Open Geodata Even Further
An Open Maps bill would require that online maps published by the city make available to the public the data that powers them, and not with some squirreled away link; the bill mandates that access be “conspicuously provided.” An Open GIS bill would dictate that the city provide a crime map that details each incident “with as much specificity as possible, including latitude and longitude if possible.
NYC was one of the leaders in open data and these bills could push it further.

Published Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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