GIS Government News Weekly: Garbage, OKC Pavement, More Green for LA

Tracking Garbage Trucks to Clean up Cambodia

It's time to better manage Phnom Penh’s mounting piles of garbage

The pilot project, which will run for six months, will be limited to Daun Penh district [Phnom Penh, Cambodia]. Initially, it will monitor 14 aging garbage trucks using GPS and geographic information systems (GIS) mapping software to streamline collections and highlight problems encountered on routes.

Why the tracking? The company with a 50 year (!) contract to pick up garbage, Cintri, isn't doing so well.

Learn Queensland's Online GIS (for a Fee)

Queensland Globe is the Australian state's mapping and data online interactive tool. A three hour in-person course to learn how to use it is AU$250.

Mapping OKC Street Health

Oklahoma City assesses the condition of 8,151 lane-miles on a numerical scale called the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) about once every two years. Nearly 14,000 road segments in 620 square miles of Oklahoma City were last analyzed between March and April of 2013.

There's a very nice CartoDB map of the results.

Smart City Saves Money on GIS

Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., was the focus of a presentation at the Smart Cities conference in Toronto last week. Tom Vair is the executive director of the city’s Innovation Centre (SSMIC); he described how a joint initiative by the local municipal government and Sault Ste. Marie Public Utilities Co., the local power and water utility, was the start of a valuable GIS.

Vair told IT World Canada that when SSMIC compared the CGC’s achievements with five other communities, it found that it produced and handled about ten times the data as the others for roughly half what they were paying.

PEI Public Land Atlas

 The Department of Agriculture and Forestry has updated the PEI Public Land Atlas to reflect changes in provincial land information and forest cover. 

It's the first update since the atlas'' launch in 2006. The atlas is a series of PDF sheets and one more PDF for the legend. 

More Green for LA

As early as next month, the LA Community Health Council (CHC) will launch LA Open Acres , an interactive online map that will allow anyone to locate vacant lots and look up easy-to-understand information on how to transform them into parks, green job training centers or other community spaces. The site will also offer information on how to apply for grants and other funding opportunities.

The vision is for a "Zillow for vacant lots" with hope that turning lots into parks will improve health and well-being.

New 311 Map for Columbus

Columbus’ new 311 page has an interactive citywide map that shows 21 types of service requests — active and closed — going back as far as a month; click on “view services request map” on the left side of the Columbus 311 webpage. You can view the entire city or zoom in on a neighborhood.

It's Esri-based and has a very long list of radio buttons to control the queries. The new map went online in February with little fanfare.

Do It Yourself Street View for James River

In late June, a ring of six digital cameras will be mounted atop a pole on a raft that will float the entire 340 miles of the James, capturing a panoramic image every 30 feet or so. The goal, according to project organizers, is to create a virtual map of the [Virginia] river that will top the Google Street View experience.

“This is a huge opportunity to showcase the James River,” said Robert Clarkson, program director for the James River Association, which is collaborating on the project with the local company that runs the websites and

No word on the cost, but the vision for the project, once online, is that it'll accept crowdsourced images, too.

Published Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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