GIS Government News Weekly: IBM in The Phillippines, Small Town Implementation, Mobile Recreation in Boise

Intelligence Operations Center for The Phillippines

The Information and Communications Technology Office of the Philippine Department of Science and Technology and IBM launched the Intelligent Operations Centre, a disaster management facility in southern Quezon City. it's a multi-million dollar effort.

NC Goes Interoperable via Carbon Project and EPA

The EPA is funding a pilot program in North Carolina to unifiy the counties' parcel data for the state and to integrate it in to the agency's Environmental Information Exchange Network. The pilot includes 25 counties and taps the Carbon Project's cloud-based solution.

Steubenville, OH Begins GIS Implementation

The city will use an Appalachian Regional Commission $79K grant to map water, sanitary sewer and storm water utilities. The funds support GIS services and new GPS equipment through a program offered by the Ohio Rural Community Assistance Program. Really? Small towns are still just getting started with GIS?


If you need to convince government at any level of the value of Open311, that is platforms that collect and share information about the need for government services and resolution of problems via a transparent GIS-based application, Gadi Ben-Yehuda, the Director of Innovation and Social Media for the IBM Center for The Business of Government offers a pretty good argument with lots of linked examples. 

Nigerian State to Use GIS for Forestry

The Ondo State Government will spend N100 million to provide Geographic Information System (GIS) to monitor its forest reserves, the Commissioner for Natural Resources, Mr Tunde Atere, has said.

That's $607,000. Forestry is the key industry in that Ondo.

Boise Tackles Youth Recreation with GIS and Vans

Some parts of Boise Idaho were not receiving youth recreational services. 

"We literally created a GIS map that overlaid all of these different pieces of information on the map," Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway said. "It identified areas around the community where there was clearly a gap where services needed to be delivered."

That map helped the city determine where to send its now two fully staffed mobile recreation vans during school, after school and during the summer. Staffers and volunteers hand out healthy snacks and lead games and art projects in the "gaps areas" based at schools and playgrounds.  

Finding ESL Services in Nashville

An online map at shows about 50 different venues hosting English as a Second Language (ESL) courses in the Nashville area. Where did it come from? A Hack for Change event in the city.

Published Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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