GIS Government News Weekly: Kitsap, Nova Scotia, NSDI Grants

Updating Parcel Search in Kitsap

Kitsap County, WA has has a new parcel search application, updating one from 2002. Updates include: a full-screen map, PDF output, drawing shapes and text on the maps, imagery from 2012, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2001 and 1994. I think this is the old system. The new one was throwing a 404.

Topo Map for Laos

Laos will produce its biggest ever digital topographical map with $3.5 million of support from the Republic of Korea (ROK) via the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). It will cover about 4,600 hectares of the nation's capital Vientiane and the city's four inner districts. 

No More Burning Permits for Nova Scotia - A Map Instead

Instead of burning permits, starting on March 15 when Nova Scotians want to burn leaves or rubbish they can consult a map to determine if and when they can burn. The map is updated daily at 2 PM . Last year  8,500 Nova Scotians purchased burning permits at an average price of just over $6; that didn't cover the cost of administration.

ArcView is Difficult

Edwardsville, IL seems to be ready to move off of ArcView. Horner & Shifrin, Inc. are offering a system for about $6000 year.

“Currently, we use ArcView GIS system to handle all of our layers as far as infrastructure for storm water, water distribution, sewer, rental inspections, foreclosures,” [Building and Zoning Administrator David] Coody said.

But technology as advances [sic] as  ArcView has become outdated and cumbersome.

“ArcView is very difficult for the lay person, like my inspectors or our public works guys, so . . . we’re trying to figure out a way to input data more efficiently,” Coody said.

GSDI Small Grants for NSDIs 

The GSDI Association is offering small grants to those building economically disadvantaged nations' NSDIs. 

•    Awards for spatial data infrastructure activities in economically disadvantaged nations
•    Application deadline is 31 March 2014
•    Proposal length - 2500 words maximum
•    Awards of $2500 USD in cash and (or) contributed volunteer professional services for the project

Culture Map Taps Open Source, Open Data

The new Burlington (ON, Canada) Cultural Mapping uses OSM, MapNik and Leaflet.

Published Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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