GIS Government News Weekly: Navasota, Mall of Maps, Philly’s Lack of Open Data

Navasota, TX's New Map

Community Development Director Sarah Korpita gave a demonstration with satellite imagery of Navasota’s city limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction, by overlaying different data sets to a sample property. The GIS website at, offers a variety of data sets that include general property information, zoning use, water, gas and sewer systems, location of lift stations and manholes, FEMA 100-year flood plain, community facilities, fire hydrants and yard waste schedule.

The Esri Flex solution is a "kitchen sink" affair with many, many layers including zoning.

West Jordan's "Mall of Maps"

It's an AGO portal for the town in Utah, but the GIS admin likes the term "Mall of Maps." I don't know the difference between a Web Map and and Application is. And, I'm not sure why "all" appears on the icons. 

Why Philly's Data Guy Left: A Lack of Open Data

During his [Mark Headd's ] tenure, the city had released more than 50 datasets, including Part I crime data, police complaint data and property reassessment data. But, according to Headd, when he tried to push the open data needle a little bit further and get one city agency to share an important dataset with other agencies, he came up empty. He quit last April.

That dataset in question was one on property-tax balances, controlled by the Revenue Department.

Published Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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