GIS Government News Weekly: Override App, No Go for Crime Mapping

GIS offers Expected Taxes if Over-ride Passes

Gladwin County, MI has an online feature that calculates how much homeowners will pay in property taxes if the Headlee Override passes, per the local paper. it uses GIS and the 2013 values but is expected to be relatively accurate. How do you use it? There's a slide show with step by step instructions on using the city's GIS viewer.

Mapping Capital Projects in Belleview Washington with Esri and Google

The City of Bellevue, WA launched an interactive map of capital projects. It's a GeoCortex app which taps both a Google and Esri API.

Requested GIS for Pakistan Police Declined

The Punjab police inspector general requested supplementary funds to implement GIS in city police stations to enhance the existing Police Record and Office Management Information System (PROMIS). An official of the chief minister’s secretariat said no because it felt it overlapped with the automation and networking functions of the existing system. I'm guessing the secretariat doesn't fully grasp what GIS is.

Mapping Hitchhikers in BC

The University of Northern BC and the RCMP are using GPS tracking devices to find out">where the most hitchhikers are on highway 16.  Five trucking companies have agreed to put GPS devices in their semi-trucks. The drivers will do the work of saving a waypoint along with information about the gender and size of the party looking for a ride. It's not clear what will be done with the data at study's end.

Georgia DNR Map

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) unveiled an">interactive map that identifies DNR-managed lands and outdoor recreation opportunities. It's based on Google Maps. Don't "Hide the Menu" because I could not find a way to get it back!

UK: Oops We Should not have Sold Address File

The Commons Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) of the UK released a report on open data this week. It suggests the benefits of Government data collection outweigh risks to privacy, and that there must be a "presumption of openness." It's the second part that is leading to criticism of the sale of address data, which the committee agreed was a mistake. 

The Committee says that the Postcode Address File (PAF) was included in the sale of Royal Mail to boost the share price at flotation: this move took an immediate but narrow view of the value of such datasets. PAF should have been retained as a public data set, as a national asset.

Cumberland County ArcGIS: Where? 

Residents can now use Cumberland County, PA’s ArcGIS system to investigate "flood plains, view deteriorating bridges and find parks and trails." The tech also powers 911 response maps something I did not believe Esri supported. I did find a property map, but I could not find a generic GIS app. I did find this list.

Published Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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