GIS Government News Weekly: Tolls in India, Dashboard in Palo Alto, Reorg in Philly

Determine Tolls on India's Roads

NHAI [National Highways Association of India] has developed a web based portal through which National Highway users may easily access information related to toll fee and other details viz. current toll charges; and concessions available for local vehicles at various toll plaza(s) in the country; commercial operation date;date of toll fee notification; effective & due date of toll rate revision; name and contact details of key personnel on toll plaza; details of nearest police station; hospitals etc. in addition to facilities available near Toll Plaza(s).

It's built on Google Maps (graphic at right) and there's a lot of flashing going on (that makes my brain hurt). Still, you can determine what you'll pay to get from A to B.

Dashboard for 311 Data in Palo Alto

Last summer, Palo Alto, Calif., deployed a 311 app allowing citizens to report anything -- from a pothole to graffiti to illegal dumping -- to the city from their mobile phones. Now the city has taken that one step further, connecting their open data platform and the 311 app to produce a visual dashboard of 311 data for public viewing and use.

The tech? 311 app by PublicStuff,  open data platform by Junar. 

More Data on NYC Crime on the Map?

New York City's crime map can tell you where a burglary or assault occurred, but a bill being introduced today would make the city plot traffic tickets and summonses as well, the legislation's author, Councilmen Ben Kallos told amNY.

Kallos' bill requires noncriminal violations to be posted on the city's crime map along with dates, times and location information down to the longitude and latitude coordinates, if possible.

How Philly Reorganized is GIS Operation 

When Jim Querry left the City of Philadelphia after nearly 20 years of leading its mapping technology efforts, Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid decided to rethink the city's GIS (geographic information systems) strategy.
The new structure includes new titles and a hire from Esri. I know Querry since he's been on the advisory board for the Penn State MGIS program for several years. And, yes, he has just the right name for a GIS person.
ParkScore at it Again; Minneapolis Gets Top Honors

Minneapolis took top honors on The Trust for Public Land's 3rd annual ParkScore® index, earning a perfect "5-park bench" rating from the nonprofit organization. Minneapolis remains the only city park system to earn the coveted "5 bench" score. New York, Boston, Portland, and San Francisco rounded out the top five.

If you want some PR, rank cities or states on some measurable feature. And throw in a map. Alas, TPL's map doesn't get much love in the coverage.
Check out the New Zoning Law for North Bay, Ontario
The proposed law is written and open for comment by citizens. The local paper notes:
She [Manager of Planning Services, Hillier] said residents are encouraged to use the GIS interactive mapping tool at the city's website in order to determine what if any changes are proposed for their properties. Hillier said residents can search their addressees and will be provided a description of any changes under the new bylaw.
The link, which the paper does not provide, is here. The tech? MapGuide. Will citizens make sense of the app? I for one was overwhelmed.
Moscow Mapping Veteran's Graves
Moscow funeral company Ritual told television station M24 that 10 GPS terminals had already been installed at cemeteries around the city, including its most famous burial site next to Novodevichy Convent. The program is expected to be fully implemented by the end of 2015.
Only veterans, not ordinary citizens, will be included in registries or be queriable via the "GPS terminals."
Immigrants to Australia Launch GIS Firm; Win Award

The man who founded an innovative geospatial company in Brisbane has been named the city’s entrepreneur of the year at the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Awards.

Igor Stjepanovic - who hails from Bosnia and Herzegovina - founded GIS People, a geospatial and location intelligence company, just four years ago and it quickly became a rising star of the technology industry.

The company causes me confusion only because there is a company called People GIS here in Massachusetts!

Cincinnati Art Map

The first map – in decades – that attempts to document Cincinnati's public art is now online at

Tech: Google Maps.

Disability Plan Earn Indiana GIS Award

Greg White, Lowell's Geographic Information Systems coordinator, accepted the Excellence in GIS Award for Small Communities from the IGIC [Indiana Geographic Information Council] in Indianapolis on the town's behalf. The award was for the Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan he developed using GIS.

Well done.

How New Zealand Distributes its Open Data

Koordinates makes its money by charging the government agencies it works with for use of their system. The company has been expanding  steadily, putting all the money it makes back into the business to drive growth.

The 2011 Declaration on Open and Transparent Government prompted a competition and Koordinates won by partnering with New Zealand (LINZ) to create the LINZ data service - an open access platform for land and seabed information.

Published Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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