GIS Government News Weekly: Wrong Acreage in Washington, Development in Bozeman

Washington Public Lands MapOops, Wrong Acreage on State Map

The total number of acres in every county was incorrect in a new online map of public lands from the Washington state Recreation and Conservation Office.

The map was announced July 16.

What's the problem?

The errors were caused by a Google Web-mapping tool that incorrectly collated the total acres of every county, explained Susan Zemek, spokeswoman for the Recreation and Conservation Office.

The app is called Smartmine; it's from Geoengineers.

How was the error found?

A surveyor called the local paper who contacted the office.

Where the errors large?

Prior to the correction, the online map indicated that Whatcom County was made up of nearly 3.7 million acres. It's actually a little over 1.6 million acres, including aquatic lands in the county.

Bozeman Map of Development

The online community development map shows all of the active planning projects around the City to give people a sense of where development is happening - like the Northwest side of town.
By double clicking on a shaded area, you can find out who the project applicant is and what the plans are for the site.

The Esri-based Flash solution mostly did as promised. But, visitors really have to know their codes and abbreviations to decipher the plans. "Home 2 master SP INF" means nothing to me!

Bozeman Shares Data on State Open Data Site

In other Bozeman, MT news:

Bozeman has joined the state of Montana’s open government push as the first city to publish local databases on a state website.

The website,, currently contains 36 datasets and was soft launched at the end of June. It's powered by Socrata.

Benefits of Police Sharing Crime Maps in Griffith, IN?

The maps also could help police forge a stronger relationship with residents, he said.

Published Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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