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GIS Health News Weekly: Medicare in AL, Drug Pricing, HIV Prevention

Mapping Medicare Dollars in Alabama

The data are from 2012, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Map by Tableau. I'm seeing that more and more in newspapers!

The map below shows payments to Alabama health care providers by ZIP code. You can choose to map either dollar amount or procedure volume, and you can filter by specialty of service provided. Larger circles for each ZIP represent larger totals relative to other places in the state. Hover over each ZIP for details.

Drug Pricing and Use

This map shows how the use of Lucentis, the most expensive of three drugs used to treat it [a chronic eye disease], varies across the country. The brightest reds show places where the vast majority of the money spent in treating the disease is spent on Lucentis; the deepest blues, shows places where most of the money spent treating the disease is spent on its cheaper alternatives.

There is not much of a pattern and interestingly, the three drugs used to treat it (cost roughly between $2000 and $50 per does ) are all equally effective. So, some other factor seems to be at play.

Geography May be the Answer to HIV Prevention

In a new paper published in the American Journal of Public Health, Amy Nunn, assistant professor of medicine, argues HIV should be tackled through a “geographic lens” — one that focuses on regionally targeted treatment and prevention. A focus on lower income areas may be the place to start.

Geography Prevents Oil Spill Cleanup in ND

A North Dakota health official says rugged geography has hindered cleanup efforts at a site of a pipeline spill.

About 100 barrels of oily brine production fluid from a 560-barrel spill near Medora have been cleaned up, but it is unlikely more will be collected, Health Department spokesman Kris Roberts said Tuesday.

Officials don't expect the oil will be detectable once it reaches waterways. Still, they are taking samples at a variety of location including a nearby ranch to formulate a response plan.

New Center to Study Health and Geography in Michigan

The Center for Health Data Research, Analysis and Mapping, or HDReAM, is a collaboration involving Western Michigan University's interdisciplinary health sciences Ph.D. program, the departments of Statistics and Geography, and Calhoun and Kalamazoo county health departments. It will research and map health-related data in southwest Michigan to provide strategies to improve public health in 11 counties. A graduate certificate is under development.

Published Friday, April 18th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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