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This is just ironic. When administrators met in Iowa to explore ways to grow STEM education, GIS was raised as a tool to manage ed. There is no mention in the coverage of it being part of the curriculum.

James Hoelscher, interim manager of the University of Northern Iowa’s STEM Hub for Northeast Iowa, was also in attendance during last week’s meeting.

“We’re creating a geographic information system [GIS], because one of the things that will undoubtedly occur within the next year is there’s going to be a wealth of data,” Hoelscher said.

He explained that information will be available on everything from school districts and activities done there, to business involvement. “We want to have a clear understanding of what’s going on from the service providers’ perspectives [and] the school districts’ perspectives, and the GIS system will help us to be able to track that,” he said.

- Cresco Times

For the 12th consecutive year, students from WKU’s Department of Geography and Geology served as interns for a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) international conference.

Yes, the school had a few students serve as interns at Esri UC last month. I want to point out that nowhere in the release does it expand WKU leaving the school name and geography a mystery. 

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 #PSU is launching a grad master-level programs in #geodesign in spring of 2013.


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Published Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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