GISPro Ignite Talks: 13 Talks in 13 Sentences


Greg Babinski

GIS disruption (and disruption in general) is good and originates from laziness (which Jack supports by providing tools to do our work).


Rachel Shmookler


How to move PDF data of river from a report into a GIS.


Justin Jobin


GIS can help politicians avoid embarrassment (by not turning out streetlights when it’s a bad idea).


Michael Olkin


Breaking down silos is good - and we need to do so pro-actively in an incremental way using (1) stored procedures, (2) RDBM spatial formats, and (3) query layers, etc.


Randy Hale


Carpe diem.


David Holmes


Crowdsourcing is good and Intergraph Mobile Alert supports it.


Kevin Mickey


URISA Professional Practices Division is a way to share info between members.


Thomas Harrington

Demo of the AppGeo app for Gloucester, MA Dept of Public Works that took its maps/info from paper and brains into databases to be accessed via mobile.


Shane White


How we do GIS in Rhode Island (“a small state”) as revealed by pictures of Shane’s office and many maps.


Adena Schutzberg


MOOCs are good; you should take one. (links)


Anthony Robinson


I taught an intro level mapping class as a MOOC; it was awesome (he didn’t say that but conveyed it).


Don Cooke


Esri Community Maps hosts and shares data from contributing authoritative sources.


Members of the URISA Vanguard Cabinet


URISA members under 35 are being disruptive.


Published Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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