GITA ITAG Meeting Focuses on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funding

GITA’s Industry Trends and Analysis Group (ITAG) [click for larger image at right] put a focus on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) aka the stimulus package. During the meeting, I presented some of the resources about where stimulus money will be headed. The PowerPoint presentation used by the group can now be download. A brief summary is below.

ARRA funds will most likely impact geospatial technology as follows:

  • $8B Grants for capital investments in designated high-speed rail corridors
  • $29B Grants for highway improvements
  • $650M Renovation of forest roads, bridges and trails, remediation of abandoned mines, removal of barriers to fish and other critical habitat
  • $140M Repairing facilities and equipment for U.S. Geological Survey seismic, volcano, monitoring and stream gages
  • $4.4B Modernization of the electric grid

ARRA funds "may" impact geospatial technology adoption:

  • $290M - Funding for watershed and flood prevention projects
  • $150M - Urban industrial core and rural economic recovery programs
  • $8.4B - Public transit improvements and infrastructure investments
  • $1.1B - Grants for airport improvements
  • $150M - Grants for security upgrades to ports
  • $142M - Repairing and removing bridges hazardous to marine navigation
  • $100M - Border security fencing and technology
  • $200M - Funding for DHS site security, IT infrastructure, furniture, fixtures and other costs for headquarters
  • $100M - Clean-up of ‘brownfield’ former industrial sites
  • $400M - NASA climate research
  • $230M - Extra money for NOAA
  • $350M - Salaries and expenses for program to create broadband inventory map of the country
  • $1B - Extra money for Census Bureau

The PowerPoint has many more links, resources and graphics.

Published Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Written by Joe Francica

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