GITA Takes New Approach; Focuses on Member Services

The Geospatial Information &Technology  Association (GITA) is offering new services to members and wants former members to take another look at what it can do to support them as GIS professionals.

GITA has taken the bold step of opening up its archives of conference content to anyone and encourages members to contribute as well by joining local chapters, which are still very active according to president Talbot Brooks. Brooks contacted Directions to share some news.

A few years ago, GITA went through a trying period of disbanding the permanent staff and making the organization an entirely volunteer effort. The membership has since recovered to over 600 members with the intent of growing the base back to over 1000 according to Brooks.

The newly redesigned website allows paying members ($150/year)to search additional content in the archives but also provides some real value for those hoping to apply for their GISP. Members that may be looking to populate their portfolio can easily search the archives for attendance or presentations in which the member was involved and review the points attained from each type of event. The portfolio can be easily exported from the website and sent to the member in a format compatible for supporting their GISP application.

GITA is taking a conservative approach toward supporting conferences. It's Oil and Gas Pipeline Conference is still very popular but is now run by PennWell. The EnerGIS conference, focused on the energy sector, is being held this year new Pittsburgh  and is primarily managed by the GITA MidAtlantic Chapter.

It's encouraging to see GITA take a step toward reinvigorating the community of telecommunications, utility and energy professionals that have not had an association to call home.

Published Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

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