Glenn Ellyn’s New Online Map and other Government GIS News

Glen Ellyn, Illinois, a member of the GIS Consortium ("a group of local communities working together to develop geographic information systems (GIS) solutions"), now has its data online via an app called MapOffice from MPG ("MGP is the founding managing partner of the GIS Consortium."). MapOffice and other products of the Consortium are co-owned by the Consortium and MPG.

From what I understand, the software is only available to communities that join the Consoritum.

- Suburban Life Media

Brookhaven, GA has its new GIS WebApp up and running. It's ArcGIS Server/Flash-based. One thing missing? A help button.

- Brookfield Patch

An effort to provide city-style addresses to every West Virginia resident and business has stalled.

The Statewide Mapping and Addressing Project was approved in 2001 by the legislature. Three extra years were granted for completion in 2007. But in 2008, the project was placed under West Virginia’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. This change moved all project responsibilities from the state to the individual counties.  

Preston County finished mapping and addressing in 2009. The County Commission hired a private contractor to help with the effort. Clark Nicklow, Addressing, Mapping and Flood Plain Coordinator at Preston County’s Emergency Management office, came on the project in 2005. 

- West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Published Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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