Glympse Adds Ability to Save Temporary Trails in Evernote

Glympse is working with Evernote to share and save location trails in users’ personal Evernote folders. Glympse is a platform to share location information - but just for a limited time - before it disappears.

This feature was a direct result of user feedback – users have long asked for a way to save the Glympse messages they send, but because the company doesn’t require creating an account, there was no way to do so on Glympse. Now, in working with Evernote, Glympse users can simply choose to save to Evernote and their location trail will be automatically saved within the “My Glympse Trails” folder.

This will be available on Android OS tomorrow [July 3] and will be available on iOS shortly.

It's interesting that instead of requiring a Glympse account, the company simply "glommed on" to an existing platform where users might already have an account. Also interesting, I found one of my favorite C|net guys working at Glympse: Rafe Needleman is apparently director of developer relations for the company. I wrote about Glympse earlier this year.

- Glympse press relations, press release

Published Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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