Going Down the Wrong Road?...Using MapShare by TomTom to Update PND Maps

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Is your street in the wrong place on your personal navigation device (PND) or maybe not there at all? Did you see a McDonald's restaurant that's located on the wrong side of the road? Users of TomTom's PNDs can now make changes to the street network database from their in-vehicle PND and upload changes to TomTom via the Internet. Editor-in-chief Joe Francica interviews Tim Flight, editor of GPS Review, who has been performing an independent analysis on TomTom's MapShare program to see how soon updates are making it into the hands of consumers.

The podcast will provide insightful information about how data is updated, captured and reported to TomTom and whether TomTom is sharing this information with Tele Atlas, who provides the company with digital street centerline information.

The podcast was recorded on January 22, 2008 and runs for 14 minutes.

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