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Google Announces JavaScript Maps API Support for GeoJSON

If you are still fuzzy on what GeoJSON, now is a great time to learn. For us non-programmers, it's a data encoding for geospatial data that more and more products and services are supporting. In fact, USGS offers a series of GeoJSON feeds of earthquake data. The current specification dates back to 2008 and includes some familiar names in the list of authors: Howard Butler (Hobu Inc.), Martin Daly (Cadcorp), Allan Doyle (MIT), Sean Gillies (UNC-Chapel Hill), Tim Schaub (OpenGeo), Christopher Schmidt (MetaCarta).

Today, Google announced support for GeoJSON in its JavaScript Google Maps API.

Last summer GitHub announced automagic visualization of GeoJSON, which I thought was a big deal. And, now any open data there can be used in a Google Map.

So, yes, GIS users, you need to know GeoJSON and what you can do with data in that encoding.

- Google Geo Developers Blog

At right: USGS GeoJSON on a Google Map. Yeah, it still looks like "dots on a map" ...

Published Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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