Google Buys Solar-powered Drone Maker Titan Aerospace, the One Facebook was Said to be Exploring

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has enterred an agreement to acquire Titan Aerospace, a New Mexico based manufacturer of solar powered drones. The solar power means the birds can be in the air for years rather than minutes. And, that works well for Google as it plans to use them for two projects that need to keep hardware in the air:

  • Project Loon - the ballon based wireless solutions
  • Makani airborne wind turbine power - a company that Google acquired last year

Titan Aerospace expects to have its drones avaiable in 2015, when the FAA expects to have nailed down rules for their use. Each of Titan's drones is expected to deliver up to 1 gigabit per second internet connections, for up to five years at time, across 1,000 miles.

- WSJ (subscription), The Verge


Published Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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