Google Earth Updates Imagery for Hawaii (Big Island)

A few weeks ago, prior to my vacation on the Big Island in Hawaii, I consulted Google Earth to get an idea of where my hotel would be and the adjacent terrain. The imagery was of a lower resolution than what you see in urban areas or areas of better social or polictical significance. I would guess it was a Landsat image with maybe 30 meter resolution. As of today, and a week plus after the 6.7 magnitude earthquake registered on the island, I found that there is new imagery with 2-3 meter resolution. So, I would assume that this was a patch to its database to give interested parties a better view of the area affected by the earthquake. The source is still DigitalGlobe. [I’ve posted my first person account of the earthquake and we have also posted a second article from our contacts at ESRI who have produced maps of the earthquake epicenter locations.]


Published Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Written by Joe Francica

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