Google Geo News: Maps API Update, Typhoon Pablo Map

Google launched an update to the Google Maps Android API on Tuesday. It gives developers the ability to use "Google’s comprehensive, accurate and useful maps to build beautiful Android apps" including support for vector-based maps and navigating 2D and 3D views. Among the requested features in this release: 

  • More dynamic and flexible UI designs for large screen Android devices, such as tablets, using Android Fragments
  • Adding more Google Maps layers in their apps including satellite, hybrid, terrain, traffic and now indoor maps for many major airports and shopping centers
  • The ability to create markers and info windows with less code

There's a 26 minute video at the link below.

- Lat Long Blog

Tyhpoon Pablo hit The Phillippines Tuesday with the number of dead rising by the hour. This crisis map shows the typhoon track, landslide- and flood-prone areas, areas under public storm warning signals and was posted by days before damage would occur.

- GMA News

- Lat/Long Blog

Published Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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