Google Glass Update: Not so Fast and not so Cool

Babak Parviz is the lead on the Google Glass project: glasses with onboard sensors and access to key data you need which is displayed just inches from your eyes. There was lots of excitement after the announcement in June 2012, but now cold reality is setting. Parviz spoke to IEEE Specturm and provided these key updates:

  • The goal is to ship updated hardware and software to developers early tin 2013 (the interview is from mid-December) 
  • A basic capability is taking a picture and sharing it.
  • The feature set is not complete and it sounds like augmented reality is not in this iteration:

I would say that even though augmented reality isn’t our immediate goal for Google Glass, I think in the future that augmented reality will also come into the picture.

  • The business model is not yet set - but Google is interesting in making the hardware.
  • No plans for advertising.
  • Intergration of Google Now and Glass is "compelling."
  • The API will be cloud-based - so not Android.
  • Working on integrating phone support in Glass.

- IEEE Spectrum via Tech News Today

Published Monday, January 7th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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