Google Open Sources Sky Map and other LBS News

Google is open-sourcing Google Sky Map, an app created by employees at Google's Pittsburgh office who wanted to put the sensors in Android phones to the test. While the app has seen more than 20 million Android phone users since 2009, the app will now be used in student projects at Carnegie Mellon University.

A number of other apps and API are to be shut down entirely.

- eWeek

Hertz Global Holdings Inc. has acquired from Thales Navigation the remaining 35 percent of Navigation Solutions, the operational arm behind its in-car global positioning systems, known as NeverLost.

- AP

The highlight of the [latest ChaCha] upgrade is the exciting all-new Real-Time Map feature, which allows users to see questions recently asked by others using the application. For the first time ever, ChaChees will visually see on a real-time map what questions are being asked where.

Why "visually see"? Why not just "see"?

- press release -- the free, groundbreaking rental tool that condenses everything a renter would want to know about a rental building into a single score -- releases its interactive "Rentenna Score Map" to the public today.
You can score and map anything now. The question is: which provide viable business models?
Local restaurant search tool "Ness" added maps in its new release.

Published Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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