Google StreetView Data Capture on Hold in India


Google has been barred from taking pictures of streets in India for its popular Street View service until it obtains approval from the federal government, police said Tuesday.

T. Sunil Kumar, a senior police official in the technology hub of Bangalore, said the company would be allowed to resume filming only after it produces security clearances from the Home Ministry and Ministry of Defense

Reader Jon Giles, PLS, Surveyor/GIS Manager, Sebago Technics, Inc. offers this analysis:

...while it is more of the same uproar over Street View that we hear about every few weeks it seems (not necessarily newsworthy in and of itself), it thought it was worth noting as it seems to reflect an Indian policy which appears to try to suppress wide availability of geospatial data about India. Maybe that isn’t what is at the root of the issue here, but it seems related. It is also interesting that geospatial data gathering activities like this aren’t just a concern in Europe and North America. In the end it is useful to remember what is permitted and almost commonplace in one country might not be allowed in another country.

Thanks Jon!

- AP

Published Friday, June 24th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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