Google+ to Get Checkins, Deals and other LBS News

The Google+ social network may be adding features to its mobile app that will allow users to claim deals when they check in at locations, according to a Google support document.

Google confirms its expected to launch next week. Yawn.

- VentureBeat

Want to visualize your Google Latitude history in Google Earth? You can - even though by default when you export the data its only for the last day. There's a workaround to change the dates to a range.
Forrester Research's Chairman and CEO George Colony told a room full of Web and social-media enthusiasts Thursday at Le Web that that the current crop of trendy social businesses like the location-based, check-in social network, Foursquare, are “nonsense” and that the “next wave of social” will involve applications that are more efficient, faster, easier to use and have a higher “value-to-time proposition” than the current market players. That's pretty interesting in the context of the Google announcement above!

Published Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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