Google’s Peer to Peer Location Determination Patent Application

The patent application (20120157123, submitted last September) is titled PEER-TO-PEER LOCATION SERVICE


Techniques are described for obtaining high-resolution physical locations for a wireless device by leveraging the high-resolution physical location capabilities of wireless peers of the wireless device to provide a peer-to-peer location service and facilitate location targeting. Wireless devices provide location updates to a computing cloud, which stores records associating wireless device identifiers with received location information for the corresponding wireless devices. A wireless device issues a peer discovery request to dynamically identify nearby wireless peers in its network. The wireless device then sends wireless device identifiers for the nearby wireless peers in a location request to the computing cloud, which estimates a location for the wireless device using the previously recorded location information for the nearby wireless peers. The computing cloud returns the estimated location to the requesting wireless device.

via reader Kevin who pointed us to Engadget (which goes on about crowdsourcing and OSM...)

Published Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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