Gory Details of AutoCAD Map 2012

The big news:

"Topobase is now part of Map!" Topobase is a tool Autodesk bought a few years ago aimed at the utility/infrastructure space. Now its guts are inside the desktop, too.

"There are two flavors of Map this year - Map 2012 and Map Enterprise 2012.  The major difference is that Map Enterprise 2012 includes enterprise database functionality linked with Oracle that once existed in the Topobase products." I guess that makes sense since so many map users are still "ones and twos" and don't need that functionality.

"Storm & Sanitary Analysis (SSA) is included in Map/Map Enterprise 2012.  This is something that came out as a add-on in the 2011 release and was marketed to the Civil folks.  Now us GIS folks can use it too!" This is another packaging change: putting the add-on into the box. Clearly this is not applicable to all users.

There is also a long list of feature enhancements. These are all focused on the product itself or AutoCAD and the interface.

- GIS Exchange

Published Monday, March 28th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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