GIS Government News Weekly: Macedonia, Balkans, Nagaland and Connecticut

New Cadastral Portal for Macedonia Taps Esri
FYR, Macedonia's Agency for Real Estate, launched a new GIS portal to serve stakeholders, especially citizens, with easy access to cadastral information. Data available includes digital cadastral maps, flight recordings and topographic maps, locations of all professional users of the Agency, the locations of departments REC, notary offices, geodetic companies and municipalities. I think I see OpenLayers in the old one, Esri in the new one.
Where are the roads in Nagaland?
Bad news: there is no inventory of roads in Nagaland in northeast India per a report from the science and tech council.
As of now, there is no proper inventory or mapping of road network or database for management of road for the entire state of Nagaland in GIS environment. This was stated in the publication of ‘Science and Technology Intervention in Nagaland’ published by The Nagaland Science & Technology Council (NASTEC).

Bahrain Taps Indian School for GIS Training

Bahrain's GIS Directorate in Central Informatics Organisation and Amity University, based in India, signed a memorandum of understanding. The deal seems to relate to of technical support and training courses. Amity University, of which I've never heard, has campuses in the U.S., UK and UAE. I could not find a program of study in GIS; it might be within another program.

Street View Napa
Napa, California contracted Iowa's Cartegraph to drive its streets and walkways and collect video that will create a "Street View"-like database. That's about 150 miles of driving. Cost for data collection and work order management software: $667,000 initially, plus $80,000/year licensing. Data capture is expected to be repeated every five years. 
Connecticut Open Data Portal
The governor of Connecticut signed an open data order for the state creating an open data portal with data from state agencies. The tech will be from Socrata, but most interesting is the head of the portal:
The portal will be managed and administered by Tyler Kleykamp of the Office of Policy and Management, who will serve as the portal’s chief data officer. Kleykamp previously served as the coordinator of state geospatial information systems at OPM.
Thematic Map (Choropleth) Wows them in Cranford, NJ
The headline is "Cranford Historic Preservation Board creates color-coded map" but those in the know would say the board created a choropleth map of the cities parcel based on the year buildings were erected. It's very pretty and for sale at the local farmer's market to benefit preservation efforts.
New Zealand Cadastre 2034

The New Zealand Surveyor-General, Mark Dyer, released the vision for Cadastre 2034 strategy. The vision is that in the future citizens will be able to more easily understand where their rights in land actually are, and will be able to visualise those rights – and any restrictions and responsibilities – in three dimensions.

Published Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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