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AllSun Tracker is a Complete Solar Electric System

The AllSun Tracker is a dual-axis active solar tracker which uses a motor and GPS (Global Positioning System) to turn the solar PV panels both from east to west and up and down to ensure the panels always follow the sun’s elevation.

I guess it's cheaper to use GPS than another sensor, like a light detector?

All Earth Renewables via @gletham

GPS receivers in China are not passing inspection.

Over 70 percent of GPS navigation devices on the Chinese market failed to pass a recent sample inspection carried out by experts, reports Xinhua News Agency.

Out of a total of 18 different GPS devices, produced by 13 major firms, only 5 devices produced by three different factories, have passed the inspection and are deemed fit for use. The pass rate was below 30 percent.

Among the 18 different types of device, 17 failed to locate a particular position, or were unable to find a path to a specified location. Some devices used outdated map data that was first published ten years ago.

There are more issues with the less expensive devices.

- CRI English

In other Chinese GPS news, an Ameican was fined just over $3000 for illegally collecting survey data with a GPS back in 2010.

Illegal surveying and mapping by foreigners in Xinjiang is "a threat to national defense andeconomic security", Liu Geqing, head of the [surveying and mapping bureau, told China Daily on Tuesday.
"As our ancestors say, an atlas is the key to a country, which cannot be shown to others," Liusaid, calling for the public, especially those working in foreign-related companies andorganizations, to realize the significance of surveying and mapping work.

About 10 foreigners have been prosecuted for illegal mapping in Xinjiang in the last 5 years.

- China Daily

Published Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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