GPS Tidbits

SatNav, a Sequoia Capital funded GIS company, launched a Store Locator service with maps of 810 Indian cities. The data is on the company website and will appear on all its devices. Businesses can add their own information, raising the number of crowdsourced POI databases for India.

- MediaNama

Many guests find Charingworth Manor Hotel near Chipping Campden using a satnav device. Problem: it guides them to the back entrance, one that’s been closed for 10 years due to a Cotswold District Council restriction. But, after queries to the council and despite opposition by neighbors, the hotel got the ok to open the back gate for 18 months during which the increase in traffic would be monitored. I guess no one thought to update the satnav data?

- Cotsworld Journal

The title of the Chicago Tribune (“A great city deserves a great newspaper, The Chicago Tribune…” meh!) was originally “GPS tracking one less worry for parents.” Now it’s “A beep, a flash and one less worry for parents
ID cards, GPS allow school to know if a child is — or isn’t — on the school bus.”

The content is the same old, same old: Palos Heights School District 128 has given kids RFID tags that are scanned when they board the bus, and the bus itself is GPS tracked.

- Chicago Tribune
- CrunchGear (it talks of kids with GPS tags…)

USA Today reports on travellers favorite use of smartphones. It’s GPS. The data from Ypartnership and research firm Harrison Group, is based on a February survey of 2,524 U.S. households with annual incomes of at least $50,000.

47% have navigated to a destination using the built-in GPS,
29% have compared airfares or hotel rates,
28% have shared photos about their travel experiences using their smart phone,
18% have booked air travel or lodging, and
15% have gone to a site that provides information on things to do and see while visiting a destination

- USA Today

Published Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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