Hawaii Broadband Speed Test and other Government GIS News

A new website will allow internet users to determine their computer or electronic device’s internet speed and help the state map its broadband coverage as the Abercrombie Administration moves forward with its Hawai’i Broadband Initiative. Participants can take the test at hawaiispeedtest.net. The data collected will assist the state in identifying and closing gaps in service throughout Hawai’i.

I'm not sure why they are behind other states who started such efforts months/years ago.

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The [NY] State Liquor Authority is getting ready to launch a new interactive map, plotting each and every bar licensed in the city as well as all pending applications and violations bars have logged.

The map — which cost $75,000 to create — aims to help residents and community boards keep track of local bars, clubs and lounges in their neighborhoods. The design comes amid growing complaints from residents who believe rowdy bars and noisy drinkers are taking over their block.

The maps will hopefully make the lives of the overworked SLA easier and give residents the information once only available with a formal request.

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Hennepin County, MN offers  the first update to its interactive property map in six years. It's based on new Esri software (old version was six years old) and has new data including links to surveyors’ maps, plat maps and survey certificates. Another big change - maps now fill more of the computer screen. The link takes you to the "old version" which has a link to the "new version." 

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Published Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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