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Health GIS Tidbits - 6/3/11

Another asthma related to traffic study using GIS:

Our study revealed a significant 24% increase in the risk of experiencing multiple emergency department contacts for asthma for every log-unit of traffic exposure.

This study provides support for the hypothesis that traffic related air pollution increases the frequency of health service contacts for asthma. This study used advanced GIS techniques to establish traffic-weighted buffer zones around the geocoded residential location of subjects to provide an accurate assessment of exposure to traffic emissions, thereby providing a quantification of the ranges over which pollutants may exert a health effect.

Environmental Health via 7th Space

Many government agencies are using the cloud to power health related resources including things like the SNAP program store locator.

- GovHealthIT

Sickweather, a Baltimore startup, is in the process of creating a system that tracks social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for public references to ‘sickness’ and then attempts to create a sickness map that warn people of outbreaks and then help them avoid catching the bugs.

- Discovery

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Published Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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