Health GIS Tidbits

The MapWalk website, created by Health Enhancement Systems maps walks and can be used as a wellness tool for businesses and other organizations.

Using Google Maps technology, MapWalk helps worksite coordinators and walking participants map routes near work and home, then share the routes with coworkers and team members.
No need to guess how far it is from here to there — MapWalk measures absolute miles and allows wellness coordinators to create shared routes at locations anywhere in the world. Users can map the best routes in their neighborhoods, near work and schools, or for short errands and share them with family and friends as well.

I’m not sure what “absolute miles” are.
- press release

The Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies on Massachusetts’ Cape Cod will receive nearly $550,000 in federal funding to help map coastal zones to ensure marine health throughout the Northeast. Funding comes from NOAA and will finance “remote sensing and spectral technology to map the coastal zones, identifying pollution points and possible restoration areas as part of the Northeast Coast Monitoring Collaborative.”

- Cape Code Online

An interactive map of local HIV testing sites in South Africa is part of a countrywide HIV Counselling and Testing Campaign (HCT) launched in April by the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) and the Department of Health to test 15 million sexually active individuals in South Africa by 2011.  It’s sponsored by digital mapping company MapIT as part of the strategic response project, the ‘Compass Project,’ and is aimed at government and non-governmental organisations to promote a culture of responsibility.

- Gadget Web Site

Published Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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