Help Create the City Open Data Census

The U.S. City Open Data Census is a project of Code for America, the Sunlight Foundation, and the Open Knowledge Foundation to find out the state of open data in cities. 

The ongoing effort launched in early February and 20 city entries were added last weekend as part of Open Data Day. The Census assesses how cities are doing on releasing key datasets in open and machine readable formats. It evaluates not only what civic data are available, but how accessible and usable they are. The Census tracks almost twenty key datasets (full list) including: 

  • Code Enforcement Violations: Locations of reported housing code violations.
  • Crime Reports: Reported crimes and their location.
  • Expenditures: A complete list of city expenditures by transaction (including: tax breaks, loans, contracts, grants, and operational spending).
  • GIS – Zoning: The mapped zone (GIS) shapefiles of designated permitted land use.
  • Transit Routes: Public transit schedules, route maps and real-time location information.

The Code for America Blog shares some trends found in the first entries and you can see the status of and contribute to the Census here.

Published Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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