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HERE Lead: Mapping 1.0 is Done

Christof Hellmis, head of map platforms at Nokia HERE is looking into the future as the company turns its hardware over to Microsoft and finds its new path. C|net interviewed him at Mobile World Congress. "First we had paper maps with lots of colourful lines but now the world is moving to the next generation of maps, which will be 3D, and will include Augmented Reality, like our CityLens app."

What are the characteristics of Mapping 2.0?

  • in the cloud
  • highly precise (centimeter, e.g. a car knowing what lane it's in)
  • enables self-driving cars, including parking

And what of Google? Hellmis says "Google is not a location player." Why? To do mapping you must buy into all its services: " Google Now, Google Plus, Google whatever." Further, he notes, Google offers those for free via advertising and HERE gets paid for its services. Hellmis sees HERE as a key player in automotive both with and without drivers, and for those on foot, be they out in the wilderness or in a mall.

But the future of mapping will be expensive to build. It includes, for Hellmis, many sensors in the air and on the ground, crowdsourced data and basemaps, all fused for real time use. But the investment will be worth it: It's " "the business we're in."

- C|net

Published Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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