Hexagon Explores Content as a Service (CaaS)

At the HxGN LIVE event this past week in Las Vegas, Hexagon CEO Ola Rollén announced that the company was soon to offer Content as a Service (CaaS).

Hexagon's idea of CaaS is to offer data, content, design drawings or other digital information from an authoritative source to others that might want to use it. For example, let's say that an engineering firm has created a building information model (BIM) of the MGM Grand Hotel. A subcontractor working on remodeling the casino or an HVAC firm installing new units on the roof might want access to digital BIM data. Hexagon would act as a broker for these data, holding digital drawings in a repository that it would offer for a fee. As such, any authoritative data source could be held in a library of content that could be reused over again. The model is not unlike Netflix.

The nature of this offer also has a similar ring to Data as a Service (DaaS). Most recently, WeoGeo, a company that created a library of geospatial information for "Map Data, On Demand" was purchased by Trimble, a Hexagon competitor. Before the acquisition by Trimble, Pitney Bowes had explored a relationship with WeoGeo to create a DaaS interface with its geospatial solutions. That project was later curtailed.

How Hexagon will implement CaaS has yet to be explained further. In a press conference, Rollén felt that the company had so many products that created and captured digital content that this was a unique opportunity that the company could exploit and turn into a significant revenue generator. Working with its clients and partners, content could be stored and cataloged and then offered to that network.

Published Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

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