Hexagon Geospatial’s Power Portfolio: What It Is; What It Does

At the HxGN LIVE event, Hexagon's user conference, the Hexagon Geospatial division led by president Mladen Stojic, introduced the Hexagon Power Portfolio.  Let's start by describing what is: It is a selection of software products from the assets of the Intergraph and ERDAS acquisitions. The objective is to define for Hexagon clients the way they should utilize certain software solutions for specific workflows.

Stojic and company have divided the portfolio into three suites:

  1. Producer Suite - for users who create and capture geospatial data. The Producer Suite is comprised of:
    1. ERDAS IMAGINE for remote sensing
    1. GeoMedia for GIS
    1. Image Station for photogrammetry
  1. Provider Suite - for users that manage data for other users. The Provider Suite is comprised of:
    1. ERDAS APOLLO for mass storage and processing of primarily remotely sensed data
    1. ECW Products for data compression to reduce the storage footprint of imagery
  1. Platform Suite - for users to build comprehensive geospatial solutions; visualize and geoprocess data. The Platform Suite is comprised of:
    1. GeoMedia Smart Client for simplifying geospatial worflows
    2. GeoMedia WebMap for geospatial analysis on the web
    1. Geospatial Portal, an interface for Geospatial Server
    1. Mobile Alert for bringing lightweight apps to mobile devices
    1. Mobile MapWorks for primariliy tablet apps for data capture

Not described as yet is how you buy the Power Portfolio. It wasn't clear whether any or all of these products would be bundled. It wasn't clear as to whether this was simply a way to have customers think of workflows as a series of products they should consider grouping for users. However in one graphic, Hexagon showed that the number of users it perceives will use the portfolio will increase from Producer to Provider to Platform. The only hint at what Hexagon will offer to users was during Ola Rollen's keynote presentation when he made it very clear that Hexagon was a product-oriented company, hence the reason for defining the Portfolio with specific product names.

Disclaimer: Hexagon supported travel for this writer to attend the HxGN LIVE event

Published Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

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