Hexagon Sees Tighter Integration “at code level” for Geospatial Products from Intergraph

Speaking during a press conference at the Intergraph 2010 User Conference, Ola Rollén, CEO of Hexagon, said he sees a tighter integration "at the code level" between Intergraph’s geospatial technology and that of the companies in the geospatial market already owned by Hexagon, namely Leica Geosystems and ERDAS. Roland said that Hexagon and Intergraph are already forming teams to see how to leverage Intergraph’s software expertise. So, we can assume that in the future that we will see GeoMedia and ERDAS IMAGINE share code for image processing and geospatial analysis.

We’ve already speculated on why Hexagon would be interested in Intergraph’s geospatial solutions as it presents a competitive challenge to the closer relationship that now exists between Esri and ITT VIS for image processing. But Rollén cautioned "not to think like a geospatial geek" as its clear he sees a bigger opportunity. As he looks across the many businesses under his control, geospatial looks to be just one of many technologies that he can bring to bare on the broader market for location-enabled systems and solutions. What might they be? Think smart grid, security, and infrastructure management. With Power, Process, and Offshore also under his new domain, other opportunities might arise where synergies exist in what might seem to be two, quite different markets.

Published Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Written by Joe Francica

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