Honolulu Mayor Cites Open Data and Hacking State of the City and other Government GIS News

Here are the geo "money quotes" from Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle's 2012 State of the City Address:

CAN-DO.Honolulu.gov was created last year to provide access to government data in a searchable, downloadable, useable format – all without cost to the public.

A new part of the website provides applications, or ‘apps’, developed by both private citizens and city employees. So far twelve apps have been released this last year.

Recent City Camp and the Hackathon brainstorming sessions focused on advancing innovation and transparency in our government.  Two new apps will be released by the end of April that will show people where the nearest bus stop is located and when to expect the next bus.

The city has been working to make more of its massive datasets freely available, and a ‘GIS Guide for Honolulu Hackers’ was published just in time for the Hackathon.

Together, these events have laid the groundwork for Honolulu’s participation in Code-for-America 2012.  I want to thank the three fellows attending today for their commitment to building a smart city that engages its citizens.

The end result is to make Honolulu more open, participatory and efficient.

- Hawaii Reporter

Chelmsford, MA is looking to add land into its conservation area.

“In three instances when we did a search of the property, we discovered that an abutter was using a portion of the land for things like a driveway, shed or cleared land,” [consesrvationcommission chairman Dave] McLachlan said. “As a Commission we did not want to take control of any parcel where there was an encroachment and then have to engage in a discussion with the abutter to remove the encroachment.”


The town engineer will visit each site to confirm the violations, which were first spotted using the town’s GIS mapping system.

- Wicked Local

“Think of a layer as a layer cake. You can put one layer on top of the other. It is almost like Google where you can add on business data and all types of information. In our case it is parcel, zoning, and land use,” said Dom Elefante, NJMC Geographic Information Systems Administrator.

He's speaking about additional layers added to the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) GIS - which serves 14 communities.

Hudson Reporter

Published Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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